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Why Your Mom Wants You to Buy E-Cigarettes

Discover 5 reasons why your mother would prefer you buy e-cigarettes rather than continue your smoking habit

We’re deluged with all sorts of advertisements trying to convince us why we should buy or do something every single day, but unless the message is very relevant or just that catchy, we generally ignore it. But when it’s our mother telling us we should do something, we tend to at least listen…

Cigarette smoking is probably one of the most loathsome behaviors to moms everywhere. Think about your mom – wouldn’t she prefer you quit, or at least find a better alternative?

Here are 5 reasons why your mom thinks you should opt for the cool, clean vapor found in e-cigarettes over harsh, dirty smoke:

Reason #1: She’s tired of you walking out for a cigarette when you come to visit.

No one can deny that cigarettes smell. Your mom is no dummy – she knows the smell, and hates getting near it. She knows how it clings to pretty much anything, which is why she insists you smoke outside. This sadly takes away time from visiting. E-cigarettes, on the other hand, are vapor-based and do not emit this pungent smell. They can be used indoors (with mom’s permission of course) without a foul odor clinging to her couches, carpeting, walls and more.

Reason #2: She’s tired of you putting your health at risk.

Increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease and stained teeth are just a smidgen of the potential health effects of smoking. Smokeless cigarettes do not carry these risks since they contain none of the carcinogenic compounds found in traditional cigarettes.

Reason #3: She’s tired of watching you waste money.

Smoking comes at a high price financially too. Direct costs average around $2250 a year, while indirect costs related to insurance premiums and property damage drive up the cost even more. An e-cigarette cartridge on the other hand is less than half the cost of a pack of cigarettes and lasts much longer.

Reason #4: She’s tired of watching you throw your butts on the ground.

Toxic cigarette butts account for 38% of worldwide litter according to Cigarette smoke is also very toxic and can affect your immediate environment. E-cigarettes, however, are rechargeable so there’s minimal waste. And since you’re exhaling vapor rather than smoke, you won’t be polluting the surrounding air!

Reason #5: She loves you!

This is the biggest reason of them all – your mom loves you, and wants what’s best for you. She doesn’t want you to fall victim to one of the most common causes of preventable death.

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If your mom’s concerns about smoking have hit home, e-cigarettes from EverSmoke offer an awesome alternative that will hopefully alleviate her anxiety.
To start enjoying cool, clean vapor rather than harsh smoke, you will need a few supplies, including:

Don’t let your mom down by continuing to risk your health and your finances through traditional cigarettes. Smokeless alternatives from EverSmoke still allow you to enjoy nicotine without producing the foul odors your mom and others find so objectionable.

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