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Make the Switch to Vapor Cigarettes with Eversmoke

Water vapor or combustible smoke – which would you rather inhale? That’s the question more and more smokers are asking themselves, and why they are making the switch to smokeless water cigarettes from Eversmoke. You can stop stinking up your house, car, clothes and hair but keep the satisfaction of inhaling nicotine.

Keep the cigarettes, but trade the smoke for water vapor

Look around your house and, if you’re a smoker, chances are high you can find something that used to be white, but is now a dingy shade of yellowish brown. Maybe it’s those walls that looked so clean and new when you last painted, or those curtains that were so attractive when you first hung them.

Now think about the last time you cleaned your windows, mirrors or computer monitor. That greasy brown gunk that comes off on your cleaning cloth . . . well, nonsmokers don’t have that. Guess who else doesn’t: people who use vapor cigarettes from Eversmoke.

Smokeless for your body means smokeless for your home

Any time you burn organic matter (like tobacco), the smoke that’s produced is actually tiny little particles. Some of those particles go into your lungs, and the rest land in your hair, walls, furniture and clothes. Water vapor, on the other hand, condenses, leaving behind none of the same particles.

It’s basic grade school science. Smoke leaves behind solid matter; water vapor doesn’t.

Vapor cigarettes from Eversmoke are smokeless, stain-free and don’t produce a foul odor

Even those who report that they can smell smokeless vapor cigarettes don’t describe the results as unpleasant, and this includes nonsmokers, as well. They usually don’t even notice standard tobacco flavors, and when you use a smokeless vapor like coffee or vanilla, you may even get complements on the smell. In comparison, even smokers themselves don’t have anything nice to say about the odor of traditional cigarettes.

Ready to make your house cleaner and replace the smell of tobacco smoke with mint, vanilla or no odor at all? Order a starter kit and pick your flavor, then add on a vapor cigarette flavor sampler and try them all!

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