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EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo

EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo
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The EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Couples 2 Kit Combo is built with our superior 2-part technology, (battery component/atomizer, & cartridge/filter). It provides the industry's most satisfying smoking experience with its disposable all-in-one atomizer/cartridge filters.

Our advanced atomizer and cartridge component, using the proprietary VaporFlo™ technology, produces maximum consistent vapor and ensures that you will have a fresh atomizer with each new cartridge. Unlike other electronic cigarettes on the market that require maintenance, our advanced technology eliminates the hassle of maintaining a separate atomizer unit.

What's Included:

Here is what is included with your EverSmoke Couples 2 Kit Combo:

  • 2 Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Standard Batteries (Standard Capacity - Auto Switch), 250 puffs
  • 2 Electronic Cigarette Lithium Ion Long Batteries (Extra Capacity - Auto Switch), 350 puffs
  • 2 Portable Wall Chargers - charges your battery utilizing any standard wall outlet
  • 2 USB Chargers - charges your battery from any computer USB port
  • 10 Nicotine Cartridges - Equals approximately 10 Packs of Cigarettes (Your Choice of Flavor & Strength)
  • 2 Owner's Manuals

Please follow the steps below to begin using your EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette or you may also refer to our owner's manual for more detailed instructions:

  • Unpack EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit and flavor cartridges.
  • Remove any rubber caps from your first cartridge before you use it (use of caps varies by packaging type).
  • For optimal performance, we strongly suggest that you fully charge the batteries before using your EverSmoke e-cigarette.
  • Once charged, screw the cartridge securely onto the electronic battery - do not over tighten. Your EverSmoke Electronic Cigarette will be in stand-by mode as soon as you screw in the cartridge.
  • Bring the EverSmoke e-cigarette to your lips and inhale, the orange LED light at the tip glows like a real cigarette to let you know it's working. Please refer to the instructions below depending on battery type.
    • AUTOMATIC BATTERIES: the second you draw air from your EverSmoke electronic cigarette, the atomization process will be triggered and the light indicator at the tip of the EverSmoke will light up. When you stop pulling, atomization will cease and the EverSmoke electronic cigarette will return to stand-by more.
    • MANUAL BATTERIES: you must press and hold the battery button to trigger the atomization process. When the button is released, the unit will return to stand-by mode.
  • If the LED indicator at the tip of your EverSmoke starts flashing continuously and the vapor produced decreases, the battery must be recharged.
  • After 14-16 deep puffs (comparable to smoking one traditional cigarette), we recommend you stop using the EverSmoke electronic cigarette for about 30 minutes before the next use.

NOTE: It is recommended to hold the EverSmoke electronic cigarette horizontally, avoiding tilting the tip upwards to prevent cartridge liquid from leaking out.

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