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Electric Cigarettes: Discover the EverSmoke Difference

The term “electric cigarettes” sounds high tech and potentially complicated, and when you buy some brands, that’s true. While a few sources might give you the impression that all smokeless cigarettes are the same, though, in fact each brand has its own individual characteristics. How, then, is a consumer to know which to buy?

At EverSmoke we know that in order for electric smokeless cigarette to be a viable alternative to traditional smoking, they have to be easy to use. We’ve heard too many stories of people who tried other brands, found them inconvenient, and went right back to smoking.

EverSmoke electric cigarettes are designed for the long term

It starts with sturdy construction and rigorous testing, but our approach to making our smokeless electric cigarettes easy to use and maintain goes beyond simply creating a high-quality product. Our design is what really sets us above the other e-cigs. So what’s the difference? We build an atomizer into every single vapor cartridge.



What are smokeless electric cigarette atomizers?

The atomizer is the heating element that allows electrical cigs to turn liquid into vapor that users inhale. Where most brands give you one atomizer that you are expected to clean, maintain and use – until it stops working and you have to buy a replacement part – EverSmoke eliminates all of that unnecessary inconvenience. The benefits of this are threefold:

  1. You don’t have a separate electronic cigarette atomizer that you have to clean on a regular basis.
  2. You won’t have to worry about your atomizer going out and forcing you to pay for a replacement part or brand new e-cig.
  3. Your smokeless vapor will always be as thick, rich and clean as possible, because you get a brand new atomizer with every vapor cartridge.

Ready to experience EverSmoke’s electric cigarette innovation? You don’t have to keep cleaning your atomizer every day or putting up with weak, unsatisfying vapor.

Pick your starter kit now and get ready to discover the EverSmoke electric cigarette difference.



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