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Lifetime Warranty 30 day money back guarantee


"After reading consumer reviews on various manufacturers, I decided on EverSmoke. I love your products and customer service. They are amazing"

- Samantha G, Charlotte, NC

"I can't thank your company enough"

- Charles F, Franklin Square, NY

When you invest in a smokeless cigarette, it's important to do your research. Read reviews, check out forums and learn about customer service policies. When you do, we're confident that you'll learn what our customers already know: that Eversmoke offers the highest quality products with the best service available.

Where other brands go wrong, we get it right

We've done our research too, so we know what turns customers away from other brands: leaky tips, weak batteries, slow shipping and warranties that are light on the details - if they exist at all.

We also know what keeps customers coming back: a company and a product that they can rely on. That's why every Eversmoke e-cig comes equipped with a no-leak tip, high performance battery and a one-year warranty. Sign up for our membership program and that warranty extends for the life of your relationship with Eversmoke.

Not only that, but membership gives you 20% off future cartridge shipments and the ability to receive deliveries at pre-set times in pre-set quantities. You get the best e-cig on the market backed by superior customer service, with the most convenient method for re-stocking cartridges you can find!

Ready to try the e-cig that's taking smokeless to the next level? Check out our 25% off starter kits and get the highest quality and best service available!

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