Electronic Cigarettes VS Traditional Smoking

Electronic Cigarettes vs. Traditional Smoking

Why are e-cigarettes preferable to traditional cigarettes?

In this infographic from Eversmoke, a comparison of e-cigarettes and traditional smoking explores the different factors that make e-cigarettes the preferred choice. The health effects of traditional smoking are well known. Whether it's the risk of lung cancer, emphysema or other health problems, or whether it's the risk cigarette smoking poses to those around you, it's commonly understood that traditional cigarettes are a dangerous and expensive habit to maintain.

We invite you to carefully study the above infographic to see the various factors that give e-cigarettes a distinct advantage over traditional smoking. These factors include, but are not limited to – cost, odor, effects on teeth, fire danger and more.

Again, these are just a few of the most common advantages e-cigarettes have over traditional smoking. As more and more people go from being “smokers” to “vapers,” other advantages will most certainly come to light.

If you've struggled to understand how e-cigarettes can offer a better alternative over traditional smoking, this infographic is sure to help you clear the smoke.