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Take Back Your Smoking Freedom with E-Cigarettes from Eversmoke

"My boyfriend isn't a smoker and we used to argue all the time over my smoking. He didn't like the way I smelled and that I had to leave him to go outside to have a cigarette when we were out to dinner . . . It has now been four months since I switched to e-cigs. . . I threw away my old cigarettes and now I can smoke anywhere without having to go outside."

- Angela M, Dallas, TX

Everyone knows the worst parts of traditional cigarettes - tar, smoke, that noxious odor - but only smokers really understand the social aspect. You have to smoke outside, huddled in corners while people walk by coughing and giving you dirty looks. You sweat in the summer, freeze in the winter and feel like a pariah all year long.

Did you know that you can kick the nasty side effects and social stigma, but keep the habit?

At Eversmoke, we get it. It's not the tar, ash and smoke you want, and it's certainly not the cold shoulder you get from friends, family and coworkers. That's why we offer an alternative to traditional smoking that lets you satisfy your cravings without stinking up your house, car, clothes and hair, giving you freedom that traditional smoking hasn't offered for years.

Learn what Angela and thousands of our other customers have already discovered: that you can keep the nicotine and the satisfying sensation of inhaling, but ditch the smoke, tar and rejection.

Order one of our easy to use starter kits today, experience the freedom of vapor smoking, and learn what makes Eversmoke the most trusted name in e-cigs.

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