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The Best E-Cig Starter Kits Come from Eversmoke!

When you first venture into the world of e-cigarettes, starter kits are a great way to go. They give you everything you need to make the switch from traditional cigarettes, with the ability to go all out or start small and buy more parts later. Best of all, e-cig kits give you options. Whether you are looking for a manual or automatic battery, or you're brand new and not yet sure what you want, Eversmoke has e-cig starter kits that fit your budget and your needs.

Start your e-cig journey small . . .

If you're looking for maximum vapor satisfaction (not to mention exceptional flavor) with a small investment, our Basic Starter Kit has you covered.

You'll get a battery, the ability to charge by plugging into a wall outlet or a USB port, and 5 prefilled nicotine cartridges in your choice of flavor and strength. Ease your adjustment to e-cigarettes by starting with a familiar tobacco or menthol flavor, or try one of Eversmoke's less traditional flavor options like our rich, flavorful Cherry Crush or sweet and summery Peach Passion.

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Get more options with our mid-range starter kit . . .

The Eversmoke Pro Starter Kit takes it up a notch by adding a second battery. If you aren't sure whether you'll be an automatic or manual battery vaper, this is your opportunity to find out. The bonus of adding a second battery is that you'll never be without your e-cig. When one battery is charging, you'll still have use of the other.

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. . . Or buy the Ultimate e-cig kit and have it all!

Ultimate is the top of the chain for e-cigarette starter kits. You'll get everything that comes in the Eversmoke Ultimate Starter Kit, along with a portable charging case. Charge your battery wherever you are, without even the need for a car outlet. Not just that, but with everything packaged together, you'll save even more with this kit than you do with our other e-cigarette starter kits.

Ready to start your Eversmoke journey? Browse our e-cig starter kits page to compare your options, then buy your kit and get ready to experience the satisfying vapor experience of Eversmoke!

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