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Classic Tobacco (45 pk)

Classic Tobacco (45 pk)
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Each Cartridge is equal to 1 pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes. This means when you purchase a pack of EverSmoke Cartridges, it’s equivalent to paying as low as $1.66 - $2.66 per pack for traditional cigarettes.

In addition, you can expect to see even more savings. Many people find that they smoke less when using electronic cigarettes. How many times have you lit a cigarette and had to throw the remainder away because you didn't have enough time to finish, or forced yourself to finish a cigarette because you didn't want to waste it? With EverSmoke Electronic Cigarettes, you can enjoy even one drag and simply put it away for later. As you can see, the biggest savings in electronic cigarettes can be seen in the cartridges.


EverSmoke cartridges are available in four levels of nicotine strength. You can choose the level of nicotine that you would like depending on what type of tobacco cigarette you enjoy smoking. The following strengths are available:

  • Bold (24mg) - comparable to traditional non-filtered cigarettes and the strongest of the filtered cigarettes
  • Full Flavored (18mg) - comparable to traditional cigarettes
  • Light (12mg) - comparable to traditional 'Lights'
  • Ultra Light (6mg) - comparable to traditional 'Ultra Lights'
  • No Nicotine (0mg) - cartridges with flavor and don’t contain any nicotine


In addition to selecting your desired strength, we have a wide variety of exclusively-formulated flavors for you to choose from.

  • Classic Tobacco - for the taste and feel of a traditional rich full flavored tobacco cigarette.
  • Royal Tobacco – for the smooth and irresistible taste similar to what you are used to in a traditional cigarette.
  • Golden Tobacco – for the full-bodied taste of rich tobacco flavors from all over the world.
  • Cool Menthol – for the crisp fresh taste of ice-cool mint.
  • Peppermint Party - for the sweet taste of a cool peppermint sensation.
  • Coffee Creation – for the comforting taste of your favorite cup of java.
  • Very Vanilla – for the soothing taste of pure vanilla.
  • Cherry Crush – for the luscious taste of a juicy cherry.
  • Peach Passion – for the electrifying taste of juicy peach.
  • Piña Colada – for the heavenly taste jam-packed with sweet, rich and tropical flavors.

Please follow the steps below to begin using your EverSmoke Cartirdges:

  • Unpack an EverSmoke avor cartridge, and remove any rubber caps (varies by packaging type).
  • Screw the cartridge securely onto the electronic battery. Your EverSmoke electronic cigarette will be in stand-by mode as soon as you screw in the cartridge.
  • AUTOMATIC BATTERIES: the second you draw air from your EverSmoke electronic cigarette, the atomization process will be triggered and the light indicator at the tip of the EverSmoke will light up. When you stop pulling, atomization will cease and the EverSmoke electronic cigarette will return to stand-by more.
  • MANUAL BATTERIES: you must press and hold the battery button to trigger the atomization process. When the button is released, the unit will return to stand-by mode.
  • If the LED indicator at the tip of your EverSmoke starts flashing continuously and the vapor produced decreases, the battery must be recharged.
  • After 14-16 deep puffs (comparable to smoking one traditional cigarette), we recommend you stop using the EverSmoke electronic cigarette for about 30 minutes before the next use.

NOTE: It is recommended to hold the EverSmoke electronic cigarette horizontally, avoiding tilting the tip upwards to prevent cartridge liquid from leaking out.


  • Nicotine
  • Distilled Water
  • Natural & Artificial Flavors
  • Glycerin
  • Plus some additional ingredients depending on flavor

Nicotine Strength: Full Flavored: 18mg | Light: 12mg | Ultra Light: 6mg | Non-nicotine: 0mg

Customer Reviews:

Review by Guest

(Posted on 12/11/12)

The best out there

This is easily the best tasting e-cigarette out there, and on flavor/quality I would rate Excellent. The one downside (and why I'm rating Good rather than Excellent) is that they don't really last as long as advertised -- one cartridge does not equal one pack of cigarettes -- because even while there is vapor remaining the flavor changes, becoming a bit "burned" toward the end. Still and all, easily the best one on the market.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 2/4/12)

love them

by far the best e-cig I have tried. I dont want paper cigarettes anymore.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 11/25/11)

Great Taste, Great Price

I love Eversmoke, I love the classic taste and I really love the savings on the 45 pack.

Review by Guest

(Posted on 11/25/11)

Great Deal!

I smoke a lot and smoking Eversmoke has really saved me a lot of money. This pack really takes the cake since the cost per cartridge is so low. The only better price would be free (Which you guys can feel free to send me some free to this great review!). :)

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